Q – How does the meal delivery service work?

A – Simply choose from our wide variety of meals and place your order Friday at 10pm for delivery the following Monday.

Q – Does your menu change?

A – Yes, we frequently add brand new meals as well as bring back seasonal favorites. Is there something you would like to see on our menu? Send us an email!

Q – Do you have a minimum for delivery or pick-up?

A – Yes,Β our store minimum is $60 before taxes and discounts.

Q – What if I miss the Friday 10pm cutoff?

A – Just send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate you for the following Monday delivery batch.

Q – Do I order meals for the entire week?

A – Yes! Order as many meals as you want for the week. All of our meals last 4-5 days under refrigeration. Most of our meals can even be frozen. Although we do not recommend freezing anything with leafy greens.

Q – When will my food be delivered?

A – All mealsΒ have an estimated delivery ofΒ 4pm-9pm on Monday.

Q – What if I am not home during the delivery time frame?

A – We offer cooler bags and ice packs you may add along with you order that will keep the food cold for up to a few hours.

Q – How far do you deliver?

A – We currently only deliver within a 16 mile radius of our kitchen at 366 N Main Street, Doylestown, PA. Although we do offer a pick up option if you are not within our radius.

Q – Why am I seeing an error message when I try to place my order for delivery?

A – Please check that you have met our $60 minimum before taxes / after discounts and are also within our range for delivery. If you are still having issues, just send us an email and we will get it resolved immediately.

Q – How does the pick-up option work?

A – Our typical pick-up window is between 4pm-6pm on Monday. You will receive a text message or email notification when your order is ready.

Q - What happens if something is damaged or missing from my order?

A - Give us a call immediately. If you cannot reach us by phone send us an email at and we will sort out any issues you are experiencing.

Q - Are the meals frozen upon delivery?

A - No. Our meals are delivered fresh, never frozen. Your order is prepped the same day to give you the best quality food we can.Β  .Β 

Q - How long do the meals stay fresh?

A - We recommend that you aim to eat your meals within 4-5 days. Keep food in the refrigerator immediately after receiving them from us.

Q - Can I freeze my meals?

A - Meals can be frozen and reheated. Simply thaw in the refrigerator and heat according to instructions.Β 

Q - Where are the heating instructions?

A - All heating instructions can be found on our labels and website.

Q - Where are the nutritional facts?

A - Each meal comes with a label that has the name of meal, macronutrient breakdown, and ingredients.

Q - I have food allergies, will I be safe to order meals?

A - We have an allergy section before you check-out. Use your best judgment with ordering. Our food is all cooked in the same facility. It would be best to reach out to us first before ordering at!