Q - Why can't I order?
A - Due to recent updates we now have customer accounts to track orders better. It is super simple to sign up! Don’t forget we have a $60 minimum before taxes and after discounts.
Q - Do I need an account?
A - Yes, we would love for you to make an account! It helps us save your information for delivery purposes.
Q - Why can't I select my delivery?
A - Make sure you have $60 in your cart (after discounts that apply). Our store minimum for meals is $60. 
Q - Am I within range of your delivery?
A - Since we are a new company our range is 12 miles around 366 N Main St Doylestown PA. We strive to increase this range as we grow. If you are unsure or would like to arrange special arrangements please send us an email at we would be more than happy to accommodate!
Q - Do I need to be home for delivery?
A - No! If you are not going to be home - your meals come in cooler bags with ice packs. They keep your meals fresh and cold until you are home. 
Q - Who is delivering my delivery?
A - We deliver your meals to you. We are currently not using any delivery service or postal services. 
Q - What happens if something is damaged or missing from my order?
A - Give us a call immediately. If you cannot reach us by phone send us an email at and we will sort out any issues you are experiencing. 
Q - Are the meals frozen upon delivery?
A - No. Our meals are delivered fresh, never frozen. Your order is prepped the same day to give you the best quality food we can.  
Q - Can we freeze these meals?
A - Yes. All our meals have been freezer tested.  
Q - How long do the meals stay fresh?
A - We recommend that you aim to eat your meals within 4-5 days. Keep food in the refrigerator immediately after receiving them from us.
Q - Where are the heating instructions?
A - All heating instructions can be found on our website. 
Q - Where are the nutritional facts?
A - Each meal comes with a label that has our company logo, name of meal, macro breakdown, and ingredients. 
Q - I have food allergies, will I be safe to order meals?
A - We have an allergy section before you check-out. Use your best judgment with ordering. Our food is all cooked in the same facility. It would be best to reach out to us first before ordering at!